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Kittens available in September.

We currently have a few young adults who are looking for the perfect forever home. All are currently clipped down for the warmer weather. Not all kitties are pictured below. Please contact us to find out about these SUPER lovable kitties who can become part of your family!

Wayne- 3 year old black smoke male. Wayne likes to be an only kitty. He will follow you around, sleep on your pillow with you at night, and crawl onto your lap when you sit criss cross. He knows his name and loves to answer when he hears it. For more info on Wayne, please inquire here

Squirrel- 4 year old brown tabby male. Squirrel will follow you around the house making the prettiest noises! I don't think I have ever seen him open his mouth to meow but the noise that comes out is adorable! He loves being petted and will be your best friend if you offer him a rub. To find out more about Squirrel, please inquire here