Bringing Home Your New Kitty


You are getting a new kitty! This is an exciting time and there are several things that you need to do to prepare for the homecoming. We have prepared a list to help with kitty's transition into a new home and keep stress at a minimum for you and your new pet.


Items needed before kitty comes home

Having everything in order before you bring home your new kitty is essential. Below are items that are needed and we feel can help with adjusting into a new environment.

  • Litter box with hood- We prefer to use a hooded litter box because it cut down on litter being thrown out of the box when kitty naturally digs. The box should be 3-4x larger than kitty and 2 boxes per cat are recommended.
  • Scoop- Used to clean waste from the litter box
  • Litter pail- Used to store waste until garbage day
  • Tidy Cat clumping cat litter- Your new kitty will be accustomed to using this brand prior to coming to your home
  • Scratching posts- Several should be purchased and placed throughout the house. A large multi-level cat tree placed in front of a window will soon become your cats new favorite spot
  • Assortment of toys- crinkle balls, cat nip toys, teasers, laser pointers, fuzzy balls, etc.
  • Stainless steel food dish- Stainless steel is easy to clean and will help prevent chin acne
  • Water dish from Charlies Critters ( Some persians dunk their faces into their water dish when they drink. This can cause staining of the fur and creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. Charlie has created the perfect water dish to help prevent this type of behavior. We use and recommend "The Guzzler"
  • Tear stain remover from Eye Envy ( Some persians are prone to tearing which can run down their face. Daily wiping of the eyes and face folds is necessary. Sometimes the tearing can cause a rusty colored stain on your persians face. Daily use of eye envy wash and powder will help keep your persians face clean and free from stains.
  • Hypo-allergenic shampoo by F1R2 ( We believe this is the perfect shampoo to use on your persian at every bath. It is gentle, leaves the coat soft, and smells good!
  • B-air Bear Power dryer ( This is my favorite dryer and it comes in a variety of colors
  • Stainless steel comb by Chris Christensen ( A wide tooth comb is needed to comb through your cats coat on a daily basis. This will help with shedding and mats that can form.
  • Food from Life's Abundance ( We recommend and feed All Stage Grain Free cat food from Life's Abundance. If you choose not to continue using this amazing food, slowly mix the foods over a period of two weeks until the mixture is mostly your new food of choice to avoid diarrhea and upset stomach.
  • Small animal nail trimmers- We do not recommend declawing your persian. A small animal nail trimmer should be used weekly to keep your kitty's claws short and not sharp.
  • Carrier and pad- Used for bringing home your new persian and for trips in the car


Kitty's New Home

Once your new kitty arrives, take it slow and easy for the first few days, Keeping your persian in a bedroom for the first week is a good idea. Do not force your persian into a situation where you can tell he is apprehensive. Keeping your new cat as comfortable as possible will help mold the bond between the both of you and ease the stress on your new pet from being in a new environment.

Allow your persian to slowly be introduced to your home. Show your kitty where the food and litter box is at so there isn't any confusion. Place your kitty in his litter box when the two of you first arrive and allow him to climb out on his own.

If you have other pets, slowly introduce them to each other. Do not leave them together unattended until they have had several days of supervised interaction and you are comfortable that they will react positively with each other.


Food and Water

Leave a dish of dry food out at all times for your new persian. Cats are "grazers" which means that they eat small portions of food throughout the day. Do not use a plastic dish. Plastic has been shown to harbor bacteria, cause mouth ulcers, allergic reactions, and chin acne. A stainless steel dish is recommended.

Fresh, clean water must be given daily! I cannot stress the importance of this enough. Fresh water helps eliminate crystals from forming in the urine and helps prevent a blockage. Again, do not use a plastic dish. We recommend a stainless steel dish or "The Guzzler" from Charlies Critter Bowls which will help keep your kitty's chin and neck dry.