I would first like to stress that we are not a business but a hobby breeder who is passionate about preserving the persian breed. Having only 4 breeding females, we have very few litters per year because we are not a pet shop and are not looking to produce mass amounts of kittens for profit. Because of this, we are selective about who our kittens go to and reserve the right of refusal for whatever reason we deem fit.

Located within Oakland County in Michigan, our focus is to produce healthy, happy kittens that fit the persian standard. Health is our number one priority so with this in mind, our cats get regular vet checkups and are DNA tested PKD-, and also negative for FeLV, FIV, and parasites.

While most people are familiar with dogs shows, a cat show is very similar in which a written standard on a breed is established and the animal is judged on conformity. We strive to produce kittens that meet the breed standard and proudly show our cats and kittens in CFA, the largest registry of pedigreed cats.